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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Shortcut Keys Of Keyboard Almost For Every Windows

There are many Shortcut keys of a keyboard which we can use to do our work quickly as much as possible. But many people don't know about it so that's why today I am going to share this My Blog Post with you about ' Shortcut Keys Of Keyboard '.
Shortcut Keys Of Keyboard

These keys will help you to do your work quickly. for example, sometimes we open ' My Computer ' icon by clicking it but sometimes we need to do our work in a hurry, or we don't have a mouse so what will we do? for this, we use a shortcut key which I am going to share some important computer keys with you. keep reading this article.
Shortcut Keys Of Keyboard

Top Computer Shortcut Keys Of Keyboard

  1. Open My Computer Drive
    For opening My Computer Drive we click the icon to open the drive but also we can use a keyboard shortcut that opens it quickly. the key is called Windows+E. Use this keyboard button to see what happens.
  2. Switching Between Running Application
    Sometimes we work on a different task in a computer so for this purpose we should know the key for it that how to quickly switch between these running application because if we want to do work on all the application so we will need to use a mouse to active each application but with this key which I share here is quite easy and this will make your work much easy.
  3. Start Menu
     will help you to open start menu on your computer.
  4. Open Task Manager
    will help you to quickly open task manager.
  5. Close Currently Active Task
    is used to close currently running task on a computer and also if you have no an active application or task and you hit this shortcut then a power off window will be opened.
  6. File Properties
    If you want to check any file's property then this small key will help you. select a file you want to check it's property and then press the Alt+Enter keyboard key.
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I'll try my best to include some more important shortcut keys in this post in the future.

Thanks for learning with us. These were some basic Shortcut keys which will help you to increase productivity and your experience. If you have any other shortcut key then do share it here in the comment section so that people will get benefit of it.
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